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Any injury to lips, gums, or tongue will initially bleed heavily but with the application of gentle pressure most bleeding should stop within three to five minutes. After bleeding stops, then re-evaluate the severity and nature of the injury. Many times an injury that appears severe initially may require only minimal care. SO BE CALM. Any injury to primary front teeth resulting in displacement or fracture should be reported immediately to the dentist. Primary teeth that are knocked out (avulsed) should be reported as well but it is likely that the primary tooth cannot be reimplanted. Displacement or fracture injuries to permanent teeth should be treated immediately. In the event a permanent tooth should be knocked out, locate the tooth immediately and, touching the tooth as little as possible, rinse off any large debris in cold whole milk. Replace the tooth in the socket if possible, or as an alternative place the tooth in cold white milk and seek immediate dental care. Most avulsed permanent teeth can be saved at least for a while if prompt responses as above are followed.